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Vision is the art of seeing
what’s invisible to others…

Every woman is a unique masterpiece, made to succeed at whatever you are created to do, thereby fulfilling your God-given mandate as a daughter, to have dominion in your sphere of influence

and fulfill your calling and purpose in life.

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Vision Coach, Nurse, Lifelong Learner

As a child I was always a dreamer and the more I dreamed the more I realized that it was possible to actually achieve my dreams. I believe that God gave me the mindset to work hard and to always strive to learn more. One of my favorite quotes is “dreams do come true”.

 Learn with me how to continue to achieve our dreams together so we can live a life

that is blessed.

My goal is simply to help you…



My mission is to encourage people to achieve their God-given purpose and vision through healthy living, strategic planning and motivation, using the spiritual and practical guiding principles of the word.
"Seek First His Kingdom"

Ready to get started ? Learn more below.


Here I’ll provide gifts that have inspired me . We are all part of the journey and there are moments its great to purchase something that inspires us. 


Read my blog for encouragement towards healthy habits, inspirational quotes, and weekly nuggets on vision empowerment. We’ll discuss health, finances and overall wellness.

Image by Hillary Black

 Stay tuned for our first podcast episode to be released soon. if you have any subjects that you would like to be discussed please contact me. I am always open to new ideas and to learning new things.


I have worked with Ms. Sharon for about 2 years, during this time she has been a pleasure to work with. Her attention to details, communication style and people skill has been nothing short of excellent. She is highly competent, well organized, reliable, dedicated and a hard worker. Her commitment and consistent demonstration of professionalism is amazing. What I love about her most is she has the unique ability To create a conducive working environment for all.

~ Hiwot Arbi


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