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Updated: Feb 10, 2023


In business one of the words that is often at the forefront is profit. We generally start a business with the mindset to generate profit. Here is one example of a man who profited in his business Luke 10:30-35 (KJV)

The Story

In the story of the Good Samaritan God speaks of his heart to heal and take care of his children. The Samaritan represents God and the olive oil represents healing. Many people saw the victim but looked the other way. Yet the Samaritan (who may be seen in today’s society by some as an outcast or lesser than) was the one who came to help him.

Making a profit in a service based business

There are two things that stood out in this story. One was that there was a heart that looked to help. The other was that the innkeeper profited in his business. The business owner was tasked with taking care of the injured man. The Samaritan paid him for what he would have to do and the resources he would need and use in caring for the injured man. He also promised to pay the business owed whatever he owed on his return. They both trusted each other.

The inn keeper must have had his business set up a long time before or maybe he was still in the early stages. However, when the opportunity to make a profit came around he was ready. The Samaritan must have known about this business for a long time. He must have seen the brochures or heard the reviews by word of mouth. Maybe he had even stayed at the inn before and knew the kind of service they provided. I personally believe it was a 5 star service inn.

If you are are planning on starting a business or a new career, be brave in doing so. There may be many ups and downs in the process but stay true to what you have in your heart. Spend time researching the business that you have in mind. Set achievable goals to get to where you want to go. You may need to make adjustments as you go through the process. Be open minded and flexible. Take constructive criticism. Share your ideas with someone who is routing for you and who believes in you.

The Take Away

Whatever you are doing , whether in business or any other thing, you should do it with the right heart and the right motive. The way to profit is to solve a problem. The inn keeper did that. What problems can you solve today? When you do you will always end up with a plus in our corner… A profit!

Always remember… You are His Masterpiece.

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