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Financial Health

Everywhere you look on line you see images or information about finance. It begs the question… what does my financial mapping look like right now.

Getting the full picture of how my finance works in relationship with my health is a good starting point. I think one of the most freeing things that can happen is to know my financial well-being as well as my physical and spiritual well-being. In essence this is finding balance. When I stated sorting those things out, then came clarity and with clarity and information a decision can be made on how to proceed.

The word money or the lack thereof always seems to lead to stress or avoidance. No one wants to talk about it or face the situation they are in because of it. We know that stress is like a curse word when it becomes too much to handle because of what it does to the human body. It leads to sickness and disease. One of my favorite verse from the bible is” money answered all things”. It is ok to want money because it is needed for us to live and as such we have to work and then learn to use it the way it was intended not just for our good but for other. We need to think “legacy” so that our children and their children don’t have to struggle all the days of their lives. We need to put money in the right place and steward it as God intended.

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